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Eminem 8 Mile Freestyle Pt.III vs Lyrics[Rabbit]

Now everybody from the 313

Put your mother f**king hands up and follow me

Everybody from the 313

Put your mother f**king hands up¦look, look

Now while he stands tough

Notice that this man did not have his hands up

This free world's got you gassed up

Now who's afraid of the big bad wolf

1, 2, 3 and to the 4

1Pac, 2Pac, 3Pac, 4

4Pac, 3Pac, 2Pacs, 1

You're Pac, he's Pac, Yo Pac; none

This guy aint no mother-f**kin MC,

I know everything he's got to say against me,

I am white, I am a f**king bum

I do live in a trailor with my mom

My boy Future is an Uncle Tom.

I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob

Who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun,

I did get jumped, by all six of you chumps
[8 Mile Freestyle Pt.III vs lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

And Wink did f**k my girl

I'm still standin here screamin "F**K THE FREE WORLD!"

Don't never try to judge me dude

You don't know what the f**k I've been through

But I know something about you

You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school

What's the matter dawg, you embarrassed?

This guy's a gangster; his real name's Clarence

And Clarence lives at home with both parents

And Clarence's parents have a real good marriage

This guy don't wanna battle, he's shook

'Cause ain't no such things as half-way crooks'

He's scared to death, he's scared to look

In his f**king yearbook, f**k Cranbrook

F**k a beat, I go a cappella

F**k a Papa Doc, f**k a clock, f**k a trailor, f**k everybody

F**k y'all if you doubt me

I'm a piece of f**king white trash, I say it proudly

And f**k this battle, I don't wanna win, I'm outtie,

Here, tell these people something they don't know about me.

Eminem 8 Mile Freestyle vs "Lickty Spilt" Lyrics

[Lickety Split]

This guy's a choke artist
Ya catch a bad one
Your better off shootin yourself
With Papa Doc's handgun
Climbin up this mountain your weak
Ill leave you lost without a paddle
Floatin shits creek

You ain't Detroit, Im the D
Your the new kid on the block
Bout to get smacked back to the boonedocks
F**kin Nazi, this crowd ain't your type
Take some real advice and form a group with Vanilla Ice
And what I tell you, you better use it
This guy's a hillbilly, this ain't Willie Nelson music

Trailor trash, Ill choke you to your last breath
And have you lookin foolish
Like Cheddar Bob when he shot himself
Silly Rabbit, I know why they call you that
Cause you follow Future like you got carrots up his asscrack
And when you actin up thats when you got jacked up
And left stupid like Tina Turner when she got smacked up

Ill crack your shoulder blade
Youll get dropped so hard
Elvis will start turnin in his grave
I dont know why they let you out in the dark
You need to take your white ass back across 8 mile
To the trailor park


This guy raps like his parents jerked him
He sounds like Eric Sermon, the generic version
This whole crowd looks suspicious
Its all dudes in here, except for these bitchs
So Im a German, Eh
Thats ok, you look like a f**kin worm with braids
These Leaders of the Free World rookies
Lookie, how can 6 dicks be pussies

Talkin bout shits creek
Bitch, you could be up piss creek
With paddles this deep
Your still gonna sink
Your a disgrace
Yeah, they call me Rabbit
This is a turtle race

He can't get with me spittin this shit
Wickedly lickety shot
Spickety spickety split lickety
So Im gonna turn around with a great smile
And walk my white ass back across 8 mile!

Eminem American Psycho Lyrics

American Psycho Lyrics

I'm the devil - if ever there was such a thing
The results of much too many drugs what you're seeing
I'm a mindf**k, completely dis-(gus)-ting
I'm (white), a human mutt, f**k a being
I'm a dog - f**k lambs, I'm silencin 'em all
I'm involved in murders forensic science couldn't solve
Giant set of balls too big to buy a set of drawers
Might as well unzip my fly and let 'em fall to the floor
Each thought's completely warped
I'm like a walkin, talkin, ouija board
Speakin in tongues, I've never spoke this speech before
.. Hhem-delle-la, ennich-me-noughh-mi-niche-mick-norr ..
Have you ever experienced spirits in lyrics when you hear 'em
'til you scared to stare in into any mirrors when you near 'em?
Well if so, get ready for some shit yo
"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Shit no, motherf**kin schitzo
So disturbed, he just goes so berzerk he tiptoes
Fist first with scissors to slit throats of just hoes
Just goes to shizzow you dizzon't, fizzuck with
so-someone this disturbed, sa-sippin on si-zzurp
So - lock your doors, drop to the floors
Get your shotguns drawn - here comes another "Clockwork Orange"
Look at Bizarre; you really think he's right in his mind?
What the f**k you think's goin through it when he's writin his rhyme?

[Chorus: Eminem]
You bout to - journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
You'll feel his pain and his silent screams
You bout to - journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
You'll feel his pain and his violent screams

It's Friday night, I'm at a rave again
Pickin up transvestites on my Harley-Davidson (hey hop on)
My girlfriend's a crackhead whore
She'll come to your door, suck your dick on the floor
and take your bottles to the store (nigga I'm takin these)
Have you ever seen a bitch get beat because she won't cheat
Run the street and suck another nigga's meat?
My son's sixteen years old with nowhere to stay (dad it's me)
I told him he wasn't mine, slammed the door in his face
And I ain't got no food, my job I've been cheated
My girlfriend had a miscarriage (I'm sorry) I had to eat it (ohh)
My dick is burnin, it ain't cause of disease
Because I'm jackin off with gasoline mixed with antifreeze (AHH!)
I'm livin in Waco Texas, me and my girl
F**k David Koresh, I'm startin my own world
It's called Bizarre Cemetary, it's scary
Eatin a virgin's cherry, they're all gonna laugh at you Carey


[Kon Artis with Eminem in parentheses]
I was born feet first, smoke 40's and drink weed
The Lord rehearsed my birth, I'm the worst breed
A nigga you ever set sight on, my right arm's
got more power than (?) Dragon's python so
"Journey into the mind of a psychopath killer"
(Light yo' ass like a liquid nitro-gas spiller
Psycho slash Michael Myers, Michael Jack's "Thriller"
Rifle slash knife faggot that's your "Cop Killer")
As a yung'un, I was beat where I was livin (aight)
Crossdressed just to get thrown in the women's prison
I guess I was just stressed to be a hoodlum
Being pressed caused the stress that caused the Ritalin
Pressed stressed and Ritalin caused the cop's feelings
to be hurt after they seen what I did to those children
I'm vulgaric, you Bo Derek; I throw you face flat off the terrace
so you can have somethin to stare at


Eminem As The World Turns Lyrics

Chorus: Repeat 2X
I dont know why this world keep turning
Round and Round
But I wish it would stop and let me off right now
Yes man
As the World Turns
We all experience things in life
Trials and Tribulations
That we all must go through
When someone wants to test us
When someone tries our patience
I hang with a bunch of hippies
and wacky tobacco planters
Who swallow lit roaches
and light up like jack-o-lanterns
Outsiders baby, and we suing the courts
'cause we're dope as f**k and only get a 2 in the source
They never should've booted me out of reform school
Deformed fool, takin a shit in the warm pool
till' They threw me out the Ramada Inn
I said it wasn't me, I got a twin (Oh my god its you! Not again!)
It all started when my mother took my bike away
'cause I murdered my guinea pig and stuck him in the microwave
After that, It was straight to the 40 ouncers
Slappin teachers, and jackin off in front of my counselors
Class clown freshman, dressed like Les Nessman
F**k the next lesson, I'll past the test guessin
And all the other kids said Eminem is a dishead,
He'll never last, the only class he'll pass is phys ed
May be true, till I told this bitch in gym class
That she was too fat to swim laps, she needed Slim Fast (Who Me?)
Yeah bitch you so big you walked into big Tanny's and stepped on Jenny
She picked me up to snap me like a skinny twig
Put me in the headlock, then I thought of my guinea pig
I felt the evilness and started transformin (RARRRR!)
It began storming, I heard a bunch of cheering fans swarming
Grabbed that bitch by her hair
Drug her across the ground
And took her up to the highest diving board and tossed her down
Sorry coach, its too late to tell me stop
While I drop this bitch face down and watch her belly flop
As the World Turns
These are the days of our lives
These are the things that we must go through
Day by day
We drive around in million dollar sports cars
While little kids hide this tape from their parents like bad report
Outsiders, and we suing the courts
'cause we dope as f**k and only get a 2 in The Source
Hypercondriac, hanging out at the laundromat
Where all the raunchy fat white trashy blondes be at
Dressed like a sailor, standin by a pale of garbage
Its almost dark and I'm still tryna nail a trailor park bitch
I met a slut and said "What up, its nice to meet ya"
I'd like to treat ya to a bagel and a slice of pizza
[As The World Turns lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

But I'm broke as f**k and I don't get paid till the first of next
But if you care to join me, I was bout to roll this next blunt
But I aint got no weed, no phillies, or no papers
Plus I'm a rapist and a repeated prison escapist
So gimme all your money
And don't try nothin funny
'cause you know your stinkin ass is too fat to try to outrun me
I went to grab my gun
Thats when her ass put it on me
Wit an uppercut and hit me with a basket of laundry
I fell through the glass doors
Started causin a scene
Then slid across the floor and flew right into a washin machine
Jumped up with a broken back
Thank god I was smokin crack all day
And doped up off coke and smack
All I wanted to do was rape the bitch and snatch her purse
Now I wanna kill her
But so I gotta catch her first
Ran threw alleys, parkin lots, and took a shortcut
Saw the house she ran up in
And shot her f**kin porch up
Kicked the door down to murder this divorced slut
Looked around the room
Thats when I seen the bedroom door shut
I know you're in there bitch! I got my gun cocked!
You might as well come out now
She said "Come in, its unlocked!"
I walked in and all I smelled was Liz Claiborne
And seen her spread across the bed naked watchin gay porn
She said "Come her big boy, lets get acquainted"
I turned around to run, twisted my ankle and sprained it
She came at me at full speed, nothin could stop her
I shot her five times and every bullet bounced off her
I started to beg "No, please let go"
But she swallowed my f**kin leg whole like an egg roll
With one leg left, now I'm hoppin around crippled
I grabbed my pocket knife and sliced off her right nipple
Just trying to buy me some time, then I remembered this magic trick
Den Den Den Den Den Den, Go go gadget dick!
Whipped that shit out, and aint no doubt about it
It hit the ground and caused an earthquake and power outage
I shouted "Now bitch, lets see who gets the best!"
Stuffed that shit in crooked and f**ked that fat slut to death (Ahh!!
Come here bitch!
Come here!
Take this motherf**kin dick!
Bitch, come here!
Chorus to fade
And as we go along
Throughout the days of our lives
We all face small obstacles and challenges everyday
That we must go through
These are the things that surround us through our atmohsphere
Every Day
Every single day the world keeps turning

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As The World Turns Music Video
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Eminem B-Rabbit Vs. Papa Doc (Freestyle From 8 Mile) Lyrics

Now everybody from the 313 put your motha f**kin' hands up and follow me
Now everybody from the 313 put your motha f**kin' hands up
Look look

Now while he stands tough
Notice that this man did not have his hands up
The Free World's got you gassed up
Now who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

1, 2, 3 and to the 4
1 pac 2 pac 3 pac 4
4 pac 3 pac 2 pac 1
You're pac he's pac You're pac none

This guy ain't no motha f**kin MC
I know everything he's got to say against me
I am white I am a f**kin' bum
I do live in a trailer with my mom
My boy future is an Uncle Tom
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
Who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun
I did get jumped by all six of you chumps
And Wink did f**k my girl
I'm still standing here screamin' f**k the Free World

Don't ever try to judge me dude
You don't know what the f**k I've been through
But I know something about you
You went to Cranbrook
Thats a private school
What's the matter dog?
You embarrassed?
This guy's a gangster?
His real names' Clarence
And Clarence lives at home with both parents
And Clarence's parents have a real good marriage

This guy dont wanna battle hes shook
'Cause there ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
He's scared to death
He's scared to look at his f**kin year book
F**k Cranbrooke

F**k a beat I'll go a capella
F**k Papa Doc
F**k a clock
F**k a trailer
F**k everybody
F**k ya'll if you doubt me
I'm a piece of f**kin' white trash I say it proudly
And f**k this battle I don't wanna win, I'm outtie
Here, tell these people somethin' they don't know about me

Eminem Bad Guys Always Die Lyrics

Artist: dr. dre and eminemthe wild gotham, the wild west, ride

Dr. dre:

All you see is the sun, reflecting off of the gun

Ready for the showdown, to go down at one

Sweat on my brow, let's settle it now

I'ma show you how real cowboys get down

Polish the gold, waiting for this drama to unfold

I got a blunt rolled

Philly bowl, gangsta's blood runs cold

It's time to reload this old 45 colt

And the wind's gust it's hot, muggy and dusty

Bust a couple shots to make sure I'm not rusty

It's passed noon, he should be here soon

I sip a little moonshine inside a saloon

All of a sudden I can hear the sound of hoofs

Sound like a thousand wolves

I cock back with the toast in the holster and frooze

I pose as a poster, he's closer than close

I hold the heat sturdy, I heard he fight's dirty

But i'ma put thirty inside him and leave early

Just when I went to fill him with hot lead

I put the gun to his head, and this is what he said


You never met me, you'll probably never see me again

But I know you, and the name is slim

You want revenge then don't shoot

I'm in the same boots as you

I'm telling the truth, I got a price on my head too, cause when you


Ride like a cowboy toward the sun

When life ain't fun, when your on the run

Got your gold and you got your gun

But life as an outlaw just begun

Got your shotgun by your side

Got your horse and you got your ride

You ride till there ain't no place to hide

It's sad cause the bad guys always die

Dr. dre:

He was shady, could see it by the look on his face

He said take ten paces, shit, I took eight

Spun around and I aimed straight for the brain

The shit went bang but it only fired a blank, he said

{eminem: you need bullets, hurry up run}

I put a clip in the gun, and pointed at his lungs

He pulled two at the same time and stood stunned

{eminem: go ahead shoot me, but I'm not the one you want}

I figured he was telling the truth, that's why I didn't shoot

So what we gonna do, it's on you


Do you recall when you and snoop was a group

{dre: the chronic}

[Bad Guys Always Die lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

Well all we gotta do is find a map to part two

And plus I know who's got it (who)

Some old dude, he's got 26 plagues and he already sold two

Dr. dre:

Loaded up my saddle, got ready for battle

Carried two pieces of gold inside of my saddle

We rolled two miles until we hit the spot

An old ghost town that everybody forgot

A place where they used to smoke chronic a lot

Slim grabbed the shotgun


Dre here's the plot

This is the spot, they call him doc loveless

He's going around saying he took the game from us

{dre: let's shoot him in the kneecaps, he'll never see it coming}

He ain't got no legs, they cut them off at the stomach

He's got mechanical legs, he spins webs

Plus he's well respected by the hip-hop heads

Our mission is to get him to stop laying eggs

And we can put him on his back down a flight of steps

Dr. dre:

I drew two guns, spun them on my fingers

Kicked the swinging doors in, and started gun slinging

I could hear somebody singing

It sounded like a g thang, and a verse from keep their heads ringing

I said it's dre's day and started to spray

But it's 1800, colts the ak

Hollow tips started flying every which way


That's when I seen dre in trouble and came with the gage

I fired the first shot, spun his body around

He hit the ground and landed upside down

Dre grabbed the map, the plagues and the gold

I grabbed two girlies and a blunt that's rolled


Ride like a cowboy toward the sun

When life ain't fun, when your on the run

Got your gold and you got your gun

But life as an outlaw just begun

Got your shotgun by your side

Got your horse and you got your ride

You ride till there ain't no place to hide

It's sad cause the bad guys always die

Ride like a cowboy toward the sun

When life ain't fun, when your on the run

Got your gold and you got your gun

But life as an outlaw just begun

Got your shotgun by your side

Got your horse and you got your ride

You ride till there ain't no place to hide

It's sad cause the bad guys always die
*** Complimentary Bad Guys Always Die Ringtone ***
Bad Guys Always Die Music Video
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Eminem Brain Damage Lyrics

[Doctor] Scalpel
[Nurse] Here
[Doctor] Sponge
[Nurse] Here
[Doctor] Wait.. he's convulsing, he's convulsing!
[Nurse] Ah!
[Doctor] We're gonna have to shock him!
[Nurse] Oh my! Oh my God!
[Doctor] We're gonna have to shock him!
[Nurse] Oh my God!

These are the results of a thousand electric volts
A neck with bolts, "Nurse we're losin him, check the pulse!"
A kid who refused to respect adults
Wore spectacles with taped frames and a freckled nose
A corny lookin white boy, scrawny and always ornery
Cause I was always sick of brawny bullies pickin on me
And I might snap, one day just like that
I decided to strike back and flatten every tire on the bike rack
(Whosssssh) My first day in junior high, this kid said,
"It's you and I, three o'clock sharp this afternoon you die"
I looked at my watch it was one twenty
"I already gave you my lunch money what more do you want from me?!?"
He said, "Don't try to run from me, you'll just make it worse..."
My palms were sweaty, and I started to shake at first
Something told me, "Try to fake a stomach ache it works"
I screamed, "Owww! My appendix feels like they could burst!
Teacher, teacher, quick I need a naked nurse!"
[N] "What's the matter?"
[E] "I don't know, my leg, it hurts!"
[N] "Leg?!? I thought you said it was your tummy?!?"
[E] "Oh, I mean it is, but I also got a bum knee!"
[N] "Mr. Mathers, the fun and games are over.
And just for that stunt, you're gonna get some extra homework."
[E] "But don't you wanna give me after school detention?"
[N] "Nah, that bully wants to beat your ass and I'ma let him."

Chorus: repeat 2X

Brain damage, ever since the day I was born
Drugs is what they used to say I was on
They say I never knew which way I was goin
But everywhere I go they keep playin my song

Brain damage..
Way before my baby daughter Hailey
I was harassed daily by this fat kid named D'Angelo Bailey
[Brain Damage lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

An eighth grader who acted obnoxious, cause his father boxes
so everyday he'd shove me in the lockers
One day he came in the bathroom while I was pissin
And had me in the position to beat me into submission
He banged my head against the urinal til he broke my nose,
Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat
I tried to plead and tell him, "We shouldn't beef"
But he just wouldn't leave, he kept chokin me and I couldn't breathe
He looked at me and said, "You gonna die honkey!"
The principal walked in (What's going on in here?)
and started helpin him stomp me
I made them think they beat me to death
Holdin my breath for like five minutes before they finally left
Then I got up and ran to the janitor's storage booth
Kicked the door hinge loose and ripped out the four inch screws
Grabbed some sharp objects, brooms, and foreign tools
"This is for every time you took my orange juice,
or stole my seat in the lunchroom and drank my chocolate milk.
Every time you tipped my tray and it dropped and spilt.
I'm gettin you back bully! Now once and for good."
I cocked the broomstick back and swung hard as I could
and beat him over the head with it til I broke the wood
Knocked him down, stood on his chest with one foot..
.. Made it home, later that same day
Started reading a comic, and suddenly everything became gray
I couldn't even see what I was tryin to read
I went deaf, and my left ear started to bleed
My mother started screamin, "What are you on, drugs?!?
Look at you, you're gettin blood all over my rug!" (Sorry!)
She beat me over the head with the remote control
opened a hole, and my whole brain fell out of my skull
I picked it up and screamed, "Look bitch, what have you done?!?"
[M] "Oh my God, I'm sorry son"
[E] "Shut up you cunt!" I said, "F**k it!"
Took it and stuck it back up in my head
then I sewed it shut and put a couple of screws in my neck


Brain damage..
It's brain damage..
I got brain damage..
It's brain damage..
It's probably brain damage..
It's brain damage..
Brain damage..
I got brain damage..

Eminem Crazy In Love Lyrics

[Other voice]
Tell myself that I was doing alright
There's nothin' left to do at night but
To go Crazy on you, Crazy On You
Lemme go Crazy, Crazy on you

[Verse 1]
Can't you see what you do to me baby?
You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniac.
I'm like a lunatic, you make me sick
You truly are the only one who can do this to me
You just make me get so crazy.
I go skitzo, I get so insane I just go skitzophrenic
One minute I want to slit your throat
The next I want sex.
You make me crazy,
the way we act like 2 maniacs in the sac
We f**k like 2 jackrabbits
And maybe that's a bad habit.
Cuz the next day we're right back at it
In the same exact pattern
What the f**k is the matter with us
We can't figure out if it's
Lust or it's love
What's sad is what's attracting us to each other
They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother.
Which would explain why you're such a motherf**king bitch
But I stay and still stick it out with you even though I just hit you today
But you deserved it you hit me first and provoked me to choke you
Just cuz I came home late last night crawled in bed and I woke you.
But if there's one thing about you that I admire, it's baby
Because you stay with me, maybe cause you're as crazy as I am
Cuz when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes
But if I look deeper inside I see your freakish little side.
Like a devil in disguise,
You're always full of surprises
Always pullin' devices
Out your purse, little vibrators and dildos
You f**ked yourself so much
You barely feel those anymore
You're only 24 but you're plenty more mature
Than those other little hoes
Who just act like little girls
Like they're in middle school still
You're crazy sexy cool, chillin
You play your position
You never step out of line
Even though I stay in your business
You've always kept out of mine.
I wonder whats on your mind
Sometimes they say love is blind
Maybe that's why the first time I dotted your eye
You ain't see a sign.

[with Chorus]
Or maybe you did Maybe you like me and stuff
Maybe cuz we're crazy in loooove
[Crazy In Love lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

Crazy On you
Crazy On you
Let me go crazy crazy Over youuuuuuuuu

[Verse 2]

You're the ink to my paper
What my pen is to my pad
The moral, the very fiber
The whole substance to my rap.
You are my reason for being
The meaning of my existence
If it wasn't for you
I would never be able to spit this
These sentences I do and the irony
Is you rely on me as much
as I rely on you to inspire me like you do.
You provide me the lighterfluid to fuel my fire
You're my entire supply
Gas, the match, the igniter.
The only way that I am able to stay so stable
Is you're the legs to my table
If you were to break I'd fall on my face.
But I'm always going to make you feel
I don't need you as much as I really need you
So you don't use it to your advantage.
But you're essential to me
You're the air I breathe
I believe if you ever leave me
I'd probably have no reason to be.
You are the Kim to my Marshall
You're the Slim to my Shady
The Dre to my Eminem
The Elaina to my Hailey.
You are the word I am looking for when
I'm trying to describe how I feel inside
And the right one just won't come to my mind.
You're like the pillar that props me up
The beam that supports me
The bitch who never took half,
The wife who never divorced me.
You're like the root to my evil
You let my devil come out me
You let me beat the shit out you
Before you beat the shit out me.

[with Chorus]

And no matter how much
Too much is never enough
Maybe cuz we're crazy in loooove

I'm Crazy On you
Crazy onyou
Let me go crazy crazy Over youuuuuuuuu

Eminem Curtains Up / Evil Deeds Lyrics

Curtains Up (Encore Version)

Still on?
Yo, is the mic on?
Check, check, check
Alright, let's do it
Let's go, come on
(Eminem, Eminem, Eminem)

Evil Deeds

Lord please forgive me for what I do
For I know not what I've done

Father please forgive me for I know not what I do
I just never had the chance to ever meet you
Therefore I did not know that I would grow to be
My mother's evil seed and do these evil deeds

Momma had a baby and it's head popped off
(head popped off, head popped off, head popped off, head popped off, head popped off)
My momma don't want me, the next thing I know I'm gettin' dropped off
(gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off)
Ring ring ring, on the door bell and the next door neighbors on their front porch
(their front porch, their front porch, their front porch, their front porch)
But they didn't want me neither so they left me on someone elses lawn
(elses lawn, elses lawn, elses lawn)
Till somebody finally took me in, my great aunt, uncle Edna 'n Charles
(Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles)
They were the ones who were left in charge
My elementary they gang up on me and sang this song
(sang this song, sang this song, sang this song, sang this song)
It went a little something like mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Debbie had a Satan spawn, Satan spawn
Momma why do they keep saying this I just dont understand, understand
And by the way, where's my dad?


Predominantly, predominantly, everythings always predominantly
Predominantly white, predominantly black
But what about me, where does that leave me
Well I guess that I'm between predominantly both of 'em
I think if I hear that f**kin' word again I'mma scream
While I'm projectile vomiting, what do I look like, a comedian to you?
Do you think that I'm kidding?
What do I look like some kind of idi-wait a minute, shit, don't answer that
Why am I so misunderstood?
Why do I go through so much bullshit, it sucks bullshit,
Woe is me, there goes poor Marshall again
Whining about his millions and his mansion and his sorrow he's always drownin' in
From the dad he never had, and how his childhood was so bad
And how his mom was a dope addict, and his ex-wife how they go at it
Man I'd hate to have it, as bad as that Mr. Mathers claims he had it
I can't imagine it, that little rich poor white bastard
Needs to take some of that cash out the bank and take a bath in it


Evil deeds, while I plant these evil seeds
Please release me from these deamons
I never had any of this shit planned ma, please believe
I don't wanna be Satan's spawn, never got the chance to say I'm sorry
Now look at all the pain I caused
This Santa Clause, why you not comin' this year again
What did I do that was so bad to deserve this
Everything could have been so perfect
But life ain't a fairytale, I'm about to be hoist up in the air
Forty feet below me, there's people everywhere
I don't even know what it feel like, they know me 'cause I'm in this ferris wheel
And all i wanna do is go to the mall and take hailie on the carousel
Without this crowd everywhere I go, but life is like a merry-go-round
Here we go now, doe see doe now, curtains up, the show must go now
Ring around the rosie, the shows over, you can all go home now
But the curtain just don't close for me, this ain't how fame is supposed to be
Where's the switch I could just turn off and on, this ain't what I chose to be
So please god, give me the strength to have what it takes to carry on
Till I pass 50 back the baton, the camera's on, myself is gone

[Chorus x2]

Eminem Dont Approach Me Lyrics

[x] pssh, man I need a lighter man
[e] right here
[x] yeahhh.. whassup slim?
[e] what's crackin?
[x] hit this shit
[e] ssshhit I almost hit this motherf**ker today
[x] psh, is that right?
[e] what is it with motherf**kers thinkin that..
[e] {*sigh*} because we're in the spotlight or whatever that..
[e] they can do or say whatever they want to us
[e] and that we won't retaliate
[x] protect my motherf**kin' self, by any
[both] means, necessary
[e] right?

[chorus 2x: eminem]
Cause you don't know me, I don't know you
So don't approach me, I won't approach you
And don't insult me, I won't insult you
Cause you don't know what I will or I won't do

Make no mistake, I'm the golden state heavyweight
Bein underrated gave me time to create it
Can you relate? I renovate, straight out the gate
Carried my weight, but seem to receive nothin but hate
Millionaires snatchin crumbs off my little son plate
Kidnapped, locked in a trunk, get shot in the face
No hoes, no clothes, no one showin up for my shows
You know how it goes; I might as well kick it at home
But my baby momma hate my guts and can't stand me (yeah)
Packed up, moved out, started a new family
So all this strugglin for what, so I can blow up
Marry a slut but can't watch my seed grow up?
F**k that, this the f**kin thanks I get
For tryin to edutain assholes and feed my bitch
Yo I feel like my whole life is upside down (upside down)
Cause you seein more support than I'm seein my child
It's like..

.. everyday I wake up, another drama
It's a wonder I'm alive, survivin this karma
If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer
I might get my wife to let go of this knife and just calm her
Without these cameras in our faces like animals
For your channel 2 action news to follow our ambulence up the avenue
And catch a glimpse of all the suicide attempts
And what we do in private since they won't let us put up a fence
And you wonder why I carry every gun under the sun
Whether it's unloaded full or an un-registered one
No bullet, you're so full of shit
This clip is so full it'll spit if I don't pull it
And don't give me no bullshit I'm not in the mood
I just got in a feud in some parkin lot with a dude
Over kim and she just slit both of her wrists over the shit
Don't tell me bout the show business shit
I know what this is, bitch

[Dont Approach Me lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]


This ain't business, this is personal bitch
You don't know xzibit from shit, new school, class dismissed
I had a very f**ked up day, I'm needin this fit
Shuttin motherf**kers up like they pleadin the 5th
Yo em it's time to get serious with it (yeah)
Time for everybody to feel it, similar to the egg in the skillet
This is your brain on drugs, xzibit brain on thugs
Ain't no neighborhood that's big enough to bang on us
Ain't no love lost my niggaz, relax yo'self
I'm about to snatch it all and start spreadin the wealth
To my niggaz who never seen it I mean it when I holla
At the top of my lungs about my guns and my loved ones
Got, tons of ammo to crack your enamel
Changin your channel, you played like a f**kin piano
Ridin slow through cali like I'm ridin a camel
Millionaire motherf**kers with their brains in their flannels
I feel like, tony soprano, who do I trust now?
Just hit me on my tele' nigga soon as I touch down
Spit lines to split spines just to get mine
Big behind bitches gettin dick to spit shine
Sniff lines of coke, that's the only shit that make you dope
Bitch-ass nigga that's droppin the soap
Get choked out and beat, put your head in a vise-grip
And turn til you motherf**kers tell me the right shit

So do I gotta buy a whole block to myself
A front door with twelve locks
And have a bodyguard walk me out to my mailbox
And everytime somebody makes a threat, run and tell cops?
F**k that, I protect myself with these twelve shots
And one in the chamber, gun in the waist
And one in the ankle, waitin for someone to come to my place
Tryin to walk up and knock like these cocksuckers are not
Gonna get a shotgun or a glock shoved in their face?
And it's a disgrace hailey can't play with her toys
In the front yard without you drivin by honkin your horn
Screamin some shit, leanin out your windows, beepin n shit
Or pullin up in my drive like I won't leap in your whip
And so these kids tell their friends and relatives where I live
So my address ends up on the internet again
So then, I do an interview with spin, tellin them
That if someone comes to my crib, i'ma shove a gun in their ribs
And reporters, blow it out of proportion
"oh, now he's pullin guns on his fans
Just for tryin to stand on his porch"
And I'm the bad guy, cause I don't answer my door like "hey hi!
You guys wants some autographs? okay, form a straight line!"
Sometimes I feel like loadin this rifle
And climbin the roof at night and hidin outside to snipe you
It's not that I don't like you..
.. it's just that I'm not behind the mic
I'm a person who's just like you

Eminem Everything Is Shady Lyrics

[More tired gunfire- scary!]
Fall in and get quoted yall
It's Cashis
Welcome to the Shady game
G's up

Obie went plat
He back with another classic
50 went Diamond
Smashed twice bastards
D-12 multi back to back
Eminem the hardest sellin artist in rap
Stat quo the mixtape messiah
In the phantom
About to run the A
When we drop stanlanta
Bobby Creek
You know his motherf**kin' name nigga
Bobby Creek
He ain't no motherf**kin' name nigga
I'm Cashis
Mixtape was a classic
Ep is a classic
LP is that shit
Dark park
Money and all
But much more
Told me go all out
Serve em all homeboy
I'm a west nigga
A midwest nigga
I'm the best nigga
Cause we the best niggas
From street team to GM
This ain't a crime family
This rap family is a dream team

[Somebody who sounds like he's holding his nose]
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's

Kill the cash hard
Bout to smash frauds
Puttin' fast broads
Through the windport
I can handle narcs
When the candle sparks
You hit the ground
And I snatch the bandana
We ridin' out
It's shady game nigga
Hope ya bulletproof
F**k lame nigga
Know who I'm talkin' to
Glad ya man did
You bout to get it too
Rest with your fam man
This a cold game
Played by the coldest man
Everything ya see
The 7 4 k
Sell the of cocaine
I'm a dopeman
Plus I'm holdin' weight
Cause I'm the dope man
A west coast gangsta
Chi-town gold
Interstate runner
Watch me drive a brick through
And we ain't backin' down
Way past rappin' now
Right before my album drop
My homeboys'll clap you down

[Somebody who sounds like he's holding his nose]
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's

A born winner
Similar to familiar
County hound comin' to burn your whole city up
I catch ya up in the club
Empty the 5th on ya
You all know it's pussy
By Vivica
I'm the realest nigga
Ya wanna mob with me
If you a dealer nigga
You can get blocks from me
I hand rocks and jeans
The cream
Glocks and things
To mark seven
Throw 6
Got with the team
Now I'm on the scene
Reachin' out
Bein' a celebrity bring me more bitches
In a position to watch by more nitches
And place at the end of the plots
I hold niggas
Urban peaces, greases
Last week to the point a police was shot
And if niggas wanna know what I been bout lately
Nigga take it how ya want it
Rap with Shady

[Somebody who sounds like he's holding his nose]
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's
We took a break for a minute
And now we bangin'
But we been listenin to everything that you been sayin'
And now we comin' for everybody who be hatin'
From 06 through in...
Everything is shady's

Everything is Shady's
Up from the west coast
And the midwest
Boast boy
Block boys
We pioneerin' this
In the race to be legends
Tie die

Eminem Hailie And Me Lyrics

hey hailie
how are you today
sorry i couldnt see you
i was workin every day
are you ok
im fine
i love you bad
you are define
your mom and me are back together
i hope your happy
gladly were workin things out
i'm your pappy (haha)
dont worry ill never leave again
i promise ill never leave you even if you turn ten
how is your sis
tell her i miss her too
i love both of yall
yall like the number too
you are my friend,my everything
in promise ill never ever leave again
your mother and i are getting married again
i hope you happy too
i love you so much
i wanna be with you..

hailie and me
hailie and me
this is between 1 and 2
justy wanna be with you
hailie and me
hailie and me
i promise that ill never leave you..

slim shady is rock a bye bby
shady is over never will rap again
if you want me too
you'll have to just leave me
there is one way you can actually complete me
remember in mockingbird it was really sad
i tried to stop
but i was so mad trying to stop crying cos i couldnt see you no more then i got back to what was in store
i made my new choice
cant help myself
i lo ve all of yall and no body else
shady is something
he is nothing i really cant help it cos he is nothing well seems like 1 and 2..
i wanns be with u

hailie and me
[Hailie And Me lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

hailie and me
i wana be with me i wanna be with you
hailie and me
hailie and me
hailie nd me

is is between 1 and 3

baby dont worry
ill never leave again
ill just have to tell dr.dre i cant rap again
my baby misses me and i miss her
im not shady dre so its over so then
this is between 1 and 3
hailie yuour my baby
i love you hailie
no more encore
no more lp
no more aftermath
no more shady
i reallyy love you hailie
ill never leave you
cos your my baby
i hate rap i even hate shady
i should have never made hi you know what,maybe
but hailie i still love tyou
nothing in this world is not above you
i love the way you smile
you do nice things
when i come back home
im a buy u a diamond ring
your my everything
and everything is youwhen we stand close together
this is our stormy weather
i love the way you smile
i hate to play in 8 mile
teach me how to love you better
so this could be a nice sunny weather
i love how you feel
and i know you keep it real
im furreal that i love you this is between 1 and 2

chorus 2x

Eminem MTV Awards Lyrics

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Eminem Scary Movies Lyrics

what's your favorite scary movie?

[em] yo, slim shady!
[r5] yo, royce 5-9
[em] y'all wanna make a movie?
[r5] what..
[em] we got the film right here

Yeah I'm one of them pretty rappers
Buck if I really hafta, I really slap ya
King of detroit who they namin the city after (what? )
Scandalous partners, whose grammar hammers the hard shit
Into your heart with, content, yo who wanna start with
Experts, bad and evil is comin soon
Mc's get stuck, head first back in they mother's womb
This shit is written, in my eyes I'm the illest mc spittin (what? )
Leavin all of you cats shittin kittens
I gotta diss you, my niggaz be cockin pistols
Shot and split you, f**k splittin the profits with you (what? )
Six percent, of y'all niggaz is just pretend
Clicks with clits, pussy niggaz stick with dicks (what? )
Niggaz act bully, and blast for the fast penny
My auto is fully, plenty of niggaz packin semi
Speak darts; yo you get paid? rhymin about it is the sweet part
You can't be street smart with a cheap heart
Five nine, a street nigga with deep feelin (what? )
I keep illin, my steez willin to keep killin (what? )
F**k rap, a lot of y'all all is just acts
Trust that - you rhyme all wack on rough tracks
Bust and then we all black when you get bust back at
F**k that, you get blast at, you get laughed at
And i'ma spit thunder (what? ) stick to my guns
Niggaz is finished before they gimmicks, one-hit wonders
What? big balls, that's why when I spit, your clique stalls
I'ma pit bull, I'm just dog, I'm just raw (what? )
Split y'all, holla, "it's on!" then I diss y'all
All of y'all niggaz get pissed on claimin you pissed off

Chorus: eminem and royce (repeat 2x)

Y'all want drama? wanna make a scary movie?
Rappers comin in with they team and carry toolies
[Scary Movies lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me
We hard-hittin, directin and starrin in it

The one man on the planet that'll drive off of the grand canyon
Hop out of a grand am and land in it handstandin
Any man plannin to battle will get snatched out of his clothes
So fast it'll look like an invisible man standin
I'm headed for hell, I'd rather be dead or in jail
Bill clinton, hit this, and you better inhale
Cause any mc that chooses to go against me
Is gettin takin advantage of like monica lewinksy (leave me alone!)
Came home in a frenzy, pushin a ten speed
Screamin to aunt peg (aunt peg!!!!)
With three spokes stickin out of my pant leg
F**k a headache, give me a migraine
Damnit I like pain (ahh!)
And you should be anywhere that I might gain
You rap knowin you wack
You act up and I'm throwin you down a flight of steps
Then I'm throwin you back up em
If they don't like the track, f**k em
The rap struck em harder then gettin hit by a mack truck
And then backed up on
And any half-assed known rapper to trespass
Better be ready for the second celebrity deathmatch (ding! ding!)
So tell the medic to bring the medication and quickly (hurry up man!)
I'm sicker than a tupac dedication to biggie
I'm free-fallin feet first out of a damn tree
To stampede your chest till you can't breathe
And when I'm down to my last breath
I'ma climb the empire state building and get to the last step
And still have half left


[em] bad.. the bad..
[r5] uhh, when the bad meets the bad.. yo..
[em] the evil
[r5] take the evil with the evil
[em] put em together
[r5] what? nine-nine
[em] two times.. slim shady.. royce the five nine

Eminem The Anthem Lyrics

Artist: sway & tech w/ dj revolution (the wake up show) f/ chino xl,
Eminem, jayo felony, kool g rap, krs-one, pharoahe monch,
Rza, techn9ne, and xzibit

[king tech]
One two, one two
We dedicate this one to the hip-hop culture y'all
Brought to you by the woooorrrllld famous wake-up show!

Bobby steels, staple' tails, mc's get your lips stapled
Project killa hill is stamped on the map like the compass
Sacred sword play tongue-twist, piercin holes in you
You can't escape, 70,000 kilowatts blast through your box
Woke wit alarm clocks, cars drivin slow down the block
One stopped, parks pops his trunk
Snare pops loud as glock shots
Bass like an m-80 in your face, cops stop, give us citation
We pause for radio station identification
Wake up wake up wake up!

[tech n9ne]
When I woke-up, I got the mic and never chocked up
Busted a verse and all the g's in cali loc'ed up when I was summoned
Styles were mixed like the drummonds, killer clown is comin
Look around, your town is crumblin
This big tech from the midwest, leavin mc's lipless
On the wake-up show, make up no, stories about my shake-up flow
Put me off in a cipher? potna, you can't f**k wit the sniper
Your flow's premature, clean your dirt diaper
Mic heister, psycho, alpha-schizo
Hypno, chryo-gat flow, guru and ain't nobody tighter
Sway & tech heard me flow and it's sealed
Now I got swedish women yelling "tech n9ne's filled"

This place is my house, I might as well erase my face wit white-out
'cause y'all can't see me like mase's eyebrows (where you at? )
Climped out of a nice house,
Through the front window and heard this guy shout
"hey that's my couch, bitch!"
Pull a nine out during a rhyme bout
While I'm rippin this shit, put a clip in it spit five rounds
And murder you hoes worse than flippin a convertible
Nose first wit the top off landin upside-down
You're tied down and duct-taped, f**k rape
I'd rather just hump a slut's leg wit my nuts shaved
And sway & tech, two disk jokeys
Breakin so many friggin needles I wonder if they inject

Lo and behold, better than platinum or gold
Yes God bless success, never forsake your soul
Xzibit take control, locked loaded and ready to roll
Play the upper hand, a man that's never gon' fold
'cause your tape sucks, find a new hobby that you can take up
Or listen to my niggas tech & sway so you can wake-up
The x-man, catch me doin drills in the danger room
Big game hunting, from high-noon to the full moon

[The Anthem lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

[pharoahe monch]
Wit synonyms, I get an adrenaline rush
From minimum thrusts, bust multiple assualts in small interims
As horrid as borris kolaf was
When I cut your neck, leave a little piece of flesh
So the head won't fall off, hauled-off
Sawed-off shotgun blast, he asked
Why did he have to die like cast metal?
O, huh, c now like omar credle
We pone pedal at a high resolution
On the wake-up show wit sway, tech and dj revolution

*dj revolution scratches*

[kool g rap]
I sway the tech wit the tech and sway
Step away, wet and spray, rep the day
Who over debt to pay get swept away
Across the whole board like checker play
When I blaze your whole sect' arrays
Wake-up show for those slept away
Niggas that the trey, hit the deck and pray
Dj revolution, spinnin like lead from out the heck-ak
Tearin your neck away, flood up the street wit bloody decora'
Until the head of jake investigate

[jayo felony]
What? sway can give it to you, but whatcha gon' do wit it
Tech can give it to you, but whatcha gon' do?
Rev can give it to you, but whatcha gon' do wit it
I can give it to you, wha wha wha what what!

[chino xl]
Yo yo chino makes the world go 'round
F**kin up entire record companies like harrel did to motown
Vominous talk, poison pen, hominous walk
What flow will I destroy wit this time, the most commonest thought
The drama that's brought, caught us in a midst of sibling rivalry
For instance, there's nothing in existence that can survive wit me
Clone me like sheep, I clean house like tony rand-all
Wit style filed for sexual harrassment like tisha camp-bell
You're wack like will smith, your rhyme style is pansy
I f**kin murder your young style like jonbenet ramsey
Now who the master to beg? your demo gets passed on the reg'
You shouldn't have been signed if you had a white cast on your leg
I'm wake-up show reppin wit sway & tech
My tec's like tekken, the industry weapon
I'm chino x, bring krs in

De de de de de de da di day, krs-one comin wit the tech & sway
Yo, I rock up the littlest set, and on the biggest set
As ill as it gets I still manage to wiggle your neck wit sweat
Never forget, the bigger the budget the bigger the debt
You gotta be willin to rock in the middle of dry and in the middle of wet
But I'm willin to bet, on a sway & a tech
They stay in effect, never been a pain in the neck, they gainin respect
Nevertheless I wreck you, now you know what sway & tech do
I'll be back but for now just sackle!
Fresh, for ninety-nine you suckas!!!

Eminem Welcome 2 Detroit City Lyrics
Welcome to mother f**kin detroit
God damnit wonder boy, shit.

Yeah, Yeah!
Let's show 'em some love.
Welcome to Detroit (Gun shot)

[ Chorus - Eminem ]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs,
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I Welcome u to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Ask whats good and they all say Tricky

[ Verse 1 ] [ Eminem ]
Click click boom, just as soon as we hit the room
You can hear 'em holla Goon Squad in this bitch
Let me hear you holla Goon Squad in this bitch
Let me hear you holla Runyon Ave. in this bitch
So who am I gonna call on when I ain't got them boys with me
And the situation gets a little sticky
I'ma dial 911 like a muf**kin' punk, f**k that,
(blu bluh) I'ma call that rude boy from Detroit Trick Trick
Quick come pick me up, bring them guns
Come to the club, meet me out front
There's some chump up in this bitch
Poppin' some junk cause he's drunk
And we may have to f**k his ass up
Cause uh somethin' smells a lil fishy
And I don't like the way his boys keep lookin' at me
So homie come get me, chedda boys what up though I see you
Rock Bottom, yea I see you, all my Detroit people
Where you at man, let me see them hands in the sky
Detroit muf**kas till we die

[ Chorus - Eminem ]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs,
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I Welcome u to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Ask whats good and they all say Tricky

[ Verse 2 ] [ Trick Trick ]
Homie its been a long time comin' and I'm straight with that
Marshall call me 50 four and laced the track
This the beat you hear it bangin', he produced it himself
My bad almost forgot to introduce myself
My name is Trick Trick, head of the Goon Squad
And gangsta, been bangin' the underground since 95 we're bangin
Elected to be the villain, and certified a menace
Holdin' it down since I paroled, up outta prison
You heard about me, you just didn't know it was me
All the treacherous, evil deeds of the D you ever see yeah that was me
Pickin' that kid up in the game, I just wasn't chasin' the fame
I been chasin' the paper product and givin' lames the pain
Accusations of violence you know you done heard of that
A quarter of a million dollars for beatin' a murder rap
wonder boy holdin' me up, Shady done put it out
Trick Trick and Eminem, Detroit back in the house

[ Chorus - Eminem ]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs,
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I Welcome u to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Ask whats good and they all say Tricky

[ Verse 3 ] [ Trick Trick ]
Ayo Em, you ever need one of these weapons come get it
From now on every beef that you get in homie I'm in it
I been ridin' for this city, whether wrong or right
I been whippin' on mothaf**kas for the longest time
So its evident, its time for Trick to get it fast
The public, see they appreciate my criminal past
Authorities tried to stop me but they couldn't keep up
Got a fan base thats bigger than an average star
I'm satisfied with it bein' my time to shine
And I freak from the precinct for violent crimes
I ain't sayin' the shit that I'm sayin' so girls can feel me
Only speakin' on what I know so the whole world can hear me
So peace to Jimmy and Dre for signin' my nigga
He reached back to Detroit and grabbed a winner
So the gangstas and thugs, we embrace with love
And beat the hell outta anybody that f**ks with us

[ Chorus - Eminem ]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs,
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I Welcome u to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Ask whats good and they all say Tricky

[ Outro ] [ Trick Trick ]
Yeah. Trick Trick
Eminem, Wonder boy, Shady
It's goin down baby
a Yo Em I got your back my nigga
Damn right I said my nigga
That's my nigga

I pull this mutha f**ka out right here
Motha f**ks dont wanna talk no more
Nigga's come out with there knives and shit
And i come back to this motha f**ka, crack this bitch one mo' time
Nigga's dont wana talk no more,do yea? They ignore you everytime,
Please believe this motha f**ka said, (Boom)
Welcome to Detroit. Come back soon. Sorry we missed you.

Eminem What If He Was White Lyrics
Featuring: Eminem Lyrics


Yo I got an idea

Let me go grab Sticky right quick

**sounds of steps**

Hey yo Stick, Stick


Yo Slim Shady

Yo I just had like a nightmah..

Wait it wasn't like a nightmare

It was like a good dreah..

Well it wasn't a good.. (What was it?)

Hey yo I just had a crazy dream man (What?)

Yo, yo I dreamed I was white! (Ohhh)

Chorus: Eminem

If he was white

What if he was white?

What if he was white?

What - If - He - Was - White?

What if he was white?

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white?

Verse One: Sticky Fingaz

Yo, yo

What if I was white skin the same color as Eminem's?

Blond hair, blue eyes

The whole shibang

I know one thing

Police wouldn't always be watching me

Pull me over for nothing, constantly jockin me

(Can I get your autograph?)

Yellow cabs in the cities that stop for me

I wouldn't need caladeral to buy property

If I was white

Wouldn't matter if I was rich or poor

SECURITY wouldn't follow me around the store

Like I'd steal something (Maybe he might of stole something)

Because I'm black I rob

And automatically assume I ain't got no job

On my own land I feel like an immigrant

If I was white

I wouldn't thought O.J. was innocent (He did it)

Chorus: Eminem

If I was white

What if he was white?

What if he was white? (Yo think about that)

What if he was white, white, white, white, he was white (for a minute)

What if he was white?

What if he was (What if he was white?)

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white? (What if

he was white?)

What if he was white?

What if he was white?

What - If - He - Was - White?

What if you were white? (what if he was white?)

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white,(STICKyyyy what if you were white?) white,


white, white, white?

Verse Two: Sticky Fingaz

If I was white

It would be a different world for me

If I was white (ummmmmmmm?)

What shade would I be?

Would I be Redneck or Skinhead, prepi or high class?


In any case that be L-Slim right? (Yep)

But there's a good and bad out of being white

You can't say the N word without starting a fight


True dance it'll be, I had two left feet

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Even if I was white

Plaque still have a ghetto shit(How you doing?)

Is it a minfo

Or do I really have a little dick (Nah, it's true!)

If I was white

I would probably listen to hardcore rock

and covered my ears when ever I heard Hip Hop (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh)

Chorus: Eminem

If he was white

What if he was white?

What if he was white? (What if he was white?)

What if he was white, white, white, white, he was white

What if he was white?

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white? (What if

he was white?)

What if he was white?

What if he was white?

What if he was white, white, white, white, he was white(ummmmmmmm?)

What if he was white? (What if you were white?)

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white? (What if

he was white?)

Verse Three: Sticky Fingaz

Yo,yo,yo, if I was white

I probably wouldn't even think the same

I watched Tennis and golf and bet on Hockey games (Red Wings Man)

Wear suit and ties and go to work everyday

If I was white

I couldn't live around my way

In it probably wouldn't never even been an Onyx shit

I be serice sippin vadka and tonixs

Smokin on them all on a marboral

instead of a nueport

I live in Long Island

Instead of New York

If I was white

I probably couldn't dunk

'cause everybody knows white man can't jump (Nope!)

And probably wouldn't be able to go to the tree spots

'cause all the niggas trend think I was a cop

Chorus: Eminem

If he was white

What if he was white?

What if he was white?

What - If - He - Was - White?(Yo you can't say that)

What if he was white

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white?

What if you were white?

What if he was white?

What - If - He - Was - White?

What if he was white?

What if he was

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white?

If he was white?

What if he was white?

What if he was white

(What would you do if you were white?)

What - If - He - Was - White?

(What if you were white?)

white, white, white, white, white, white,

(What if you were white!!!!)

white, white, white, white?

What if he was white?

What if he was white?

white, white, white, white, white?

What if he was white

white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white?


Yo, what if I was White? uhh..

Eminem Biography

Eminem Biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), who is better known as Eminem or Slim Shady, is an American rapper, record producer and actor from Detroit, Michigan. Having sold seventy million albums worldwide., Eminem is one of the highest-selling musicians of the early 2000s and one of the highest-selling rap artists of all time. Eminem was discovered by gangsta rapper and producer Dr. Dre. When Dr. Dre first heard Eminem's mixtape, he thought Eminem was black. Dr. Dre later signed Eminem to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment.

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney has praised Mathers for his "verbal energy" and for arousing popular interest in poetry and lyrics. Eminem is infamous for the controversy surrounding many of his lyrics. With the success of his highly acclaimed album, The Marshall Mathers LP and its subsequent nomination for four Grammy awards including Album of the Year, critics such as GLAAD denounced his lyrics as homophobic and misogynist, while others claimed that it promoted violence.


Early life

Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri to Deborah (nee Nelson) and Marshall Bruce Mathers II, of Scottish, German, and English descent. He was partially raised in Roseville/Sterling Heights, Michigan and was reportedly interested in hip hop from a young age. He later moved to Detroit, where he met D12 rapper Proof. Mathers began performing as early as 13 in a group called Bassmint Productions where they produced an EP called Steppin' onto the Scene. In 1995, he recorded his first official tape, Fuckin’ Backstabber/Soul Intent. In 1996, he released an independent underground album named Infinite. Eminem recalls:
“ Obviously, I was young and influenced by other artists, and I got a lot of feedback saying that I sounded like Nas and AZ. Infinite was me trying to figure out how I wanted my rap style to be, how I wanted to sound on the mic and present myself he recalls. It was a growing stage. I felt like Infinite was like a demo that just got pressed up. ”

Mathers followed Infinite with The Slim Shady EP, which saw his lyrics take a decidedly darker turn, in songs like "No One's Iller" and "Murder Murder", the latter of which he talks about having to commit crimes to feed his daughter.

After this album he received much attention and mixed reviews in the hip-hop underground scene, due to his distinctive style and the fact that he was white in a predominantly black genre.

Mathers had done a notable amount of rapping with fellow Detroit MC Royce da 5'9" early in his career. They referred to themselves as Bad Meets Evil, with Eminem playing 'The Evil' and Royce playing 'The Bad'. Royce da 5'9" and Eminem were once considered to be two of the greatest underground MCs in Detroit and were noted for their lyrical ability.

Rise to fame

After being signed to Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records, Eminem released The Slim Shady LP, which went on to be one of the most popular albums of 1999, going triple platinum by the end of the year. With the album's popularity came controversy surrounding many of the album's lyrics. In "'97 Bonnie and Clyde", he describes a trip with his infant daughter, disposing of the body of his wife. Another song, "Guilty Conscience", ends with him encouraging a man to murder his wife and her lover. "Guilty Conscience" also marked the beginning of the powerful friendship and musical bond that Dr. Dre and Eminem would share. The two label-mates would later collaborate on a line of hit songs, including "Forgot About Dre" and "What's the Difference" from Dr. Dre's album 2001, "Bitch Please II" from the Marshall Mathers LP, "Say What You Say" from The Eminem Show and "Encore/Curtains Down" from Encore.

The Marshall Mathers LP was released in May 2000, and quickly sold two million copies. It was Eminem's fastest selling album to date. The first single released from the album, "The Real Slim Shady", was a success and created some buzz by insulting celebrities and making dubious claims about them; he implies, among other things, that Christina Aguilera performed oral sex on Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit) and Carson Daly (of MTV's Total Request Live). In his second single, "The Way I Am", he reveals to his fans the pressures from his record company to top "My Name Is" and sell more records. Eminem had parodied shock rocker Marilyn Manson in the video "My Name Is", the artists are now on good terms. They have performed a remix of the song "The Way I Am" together in concert. In the third single, "Stan" (which samples Dido's "Thank You"), Eminem attempts to deal with his new-found fame, taking on the perspective of a deranged fan who kills himself and his pregnant girlfriend, mirroring "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" on The Slim Shady LP. It was named as the third greatest rap song of all time in a list compiled by Q Magazine, and came 10th in a similar survey conducted by Top40-Charts.com. The song has since become highly acclaimed and was ranked 290th in Rolling Stone Magazine's "500 Greatest Songs Of All Time".

Mathers' third major album, The Eminem Show, was released in summer 2002 and proved to be another hit for the rapper reaching number one on the charts and selling well over 1 million copies in its first week of release. It featured the single "Without Me", an apparent sequel to "The Real Slim Shady", in which he makes derogatory comments about boy bands, Limp Bizkit, Moby, and Lynne Cheney, among others. The album reflected on the impact of his rise to fame, his relationship with his wife and daughter, and his status in the hip-hop community. He also addresses the charges he faced over assaulting a bouncer he saw kissing his wife in 2000. While there is clear anger present on several tracks, this album was considerably less inflammatory than the previous, and as such did not face any protests of misogyny and homophobia that had plagued The Marshall Mathers LP.

The year 2004 saw the release of Mathers' fourth major album, Encore. The album was another chart-topper for the rapper, driven by the single "Just Lose It", notable for being disrespectful towards Michael Jackson. Despite the comedic theme of the lead single, Encore also had its fair share of serious subject matter, including the anti-war track "Mosh". By the end of 2005 Mathers released the single, "When I'm Gone", recorded for the greatest-hits set Curtain Call: The Hits. Eminem often said that one of his most influential rappers in his career was Tupac Shakur, during an interview for the Tupac: Resurrection documentary.

Drug use

Mathers is no stranger to drugs and alcohol, as suggested by a large number of his songs, including "Drug Ballad", "These Drugs" (with D12) and "Under the Influence". The song "I'm Shady" (The Slim Shady LP, 1999) includes the explanatory line:

"well, I do take pills (ecstasy, acid, or prescription drugs), don't do speed / don't do crack, don't do coke / I do smoke weed / don't do smack / I do do 'shrooms, do drink beer / I just wanna make a few things clear."

Other tracks, such as "Just Don't Give a Fuck", suggest cocaine use. However, with a sentence of two years of probation taking effect in 2001, during which he was subject to mandatory regular drug testing, his recreational drug use was put to an end. This is supported with references to his drug use in his music all-but disappearing after 2001, and comments by late band-mate Proof, who stated that Mathers "sobered up". However, he did turn to Zolpidem sleeping pills for relief of sleeping troubles and eventually went to rehab to recover from the addiction. In summer 2005, Mathers embarked on his first U.S. concert run in three years, the Anger Management 3 Tour, featuring Lil' Jon, 50 Cent and G-Unit, D12, Obie Trice, The Alchemist, and others. In August 2005, Mathers canceled the European leg of the tour and subsequently announced that he had entered drug rehabilitation for treatment for a "dependency on sleep medication".
Eminem in D12

Main article: D12

In 2001, Mathers brought his rap group, D12, to the popular music scene. In 2001, D12 released their hit debut album Devil's Night.

The first single released off of the album was "Purple Pills" (radio named "Purple Hills"), an ode to recreational drug use (although this was preceded in the UK by a song called "Shit on You", which was included on the special edition version of the album). The version of the song released on the radio and music television was heavily rewritten to remove many of the song's obscene lyrics, and renamed "Purple Hills". While the first single was a hit, the album's second single, "Fight Music", was not as successful, in part due to its timing in relation to the 9/11 attacks.

After their debut, D12 took a three-year break from the studio, later regrouping to release their second (and possibly last) album, D12 World, in 2004, which featured the popular hit single release "My Band". The other members of D12 have also appeared as guests on all of Mathers' albums since The Marshall Mathers LP.

On April 11, 2006, Proof was killed by a gunshot wound to the head at approximately 4:30am EDT (08:30 UTC) at the CCC Club on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan after fatally shooting U.S. military veteran Keith Bender, Jr.

Proof was buried on April 20, 2006 in The Fellowship Chapel, Detroit to a full house of 2,000 with thousands mourning outside. Mathers and Obie Trice both read eulogies at the service.

An excerpt:

I'm sure everybody who has ever met him, even just once, can testify to the fact that he illuminated a room when he walked in it. I believe that Proof loved people and people loved him. He was a magnet. He lured you in. You wanted to learn about him, follow his swagger. Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady, and no D12.

Recent events

In 2005, some industry insiders speculated that Mathers was considering ending his rapping career after six years and several multi-platinum albums. Speculation began in early 2005 about a double-disc album to be released late that year, rumored to be titled The Funeral. The album manifested itself under the name Curtain Call: The Hits, and was released on December 6, 2005 under Aftermath Entertainment. In July 2005, the Detroit Free Press broke news of a potential final bow for Mathers as a solo performer, quoting members of his inside circle who said that he will begin to fully embrace the role of producer and label executive. The Free Press, Mathers' hometown paper, wrote that the aptly titled Encore album would now stand as his final solo album. Mathers announced via MTV News that he does not plan on retiring soon:
“ When I say I'm taking a break, I'm taking a break from my music to go in the studio and produce my other artists and put their albums out. That's called taking a break for me. When I know my next move, I'll tell everyone my next move. Not some reporter who writes a story about 'This is Eminem's last album.' I never said Encore was my last album. I never said anything yet. I don't know what I'm doing yet. Nothing is definite, you know what I'm sayin'? Nothing is written in stone ”

At "Anger Management" in Madison Square Garden and Atlanta's HiFi Buys Amphitheater, he openly announced that he is not retiring and indicates this is all just gossip by saying the moon exploding is a more credible rumor. However, many still speculate that he will be retiring and the announcement at Madison Square Garden was only a ploy to distract the fans. Adding to the already feverish rumors from fans, Mathers released a track on Curtain Call: The Hits entitled "When I'm Gone". The lyrics feature the topic of Slim Shady's destructive power over Marshall Mathers' life, and talks of laying his alter ego to rest, one line featuring the lyrics "I turn around, find a gun on the ground, cock it/ Put it to my brain, scream 'Die Shady!' and pop it. *gun fires*" On December 6, 2005, the day Curtain Call: The Hits was released, Mathers denied that he was retiring on Detroit-based WKQI's "Mojo in the Mornin'" radio show, but implied that he would at least be taking a break as an artist, saying
“ I'm at a point in my life right now where I feel like I don't know where my career is going… This is the reason that we called it 'Curtain Call,' because this could be the final thing. We don't know. ”

Eminem has had some activity since the release of Curtain Call: The Hits. Eminem also rapped a verse in a live performance of Busta Rhymes' "Touch It" remix at the 2006 BET Music Awards on June 27, 2006.

On December 5, 2006, Eminem released an album compilation entitled Eminem Presents the Re-Up. It started out as a mixtape but Eminem found that the material was better than expected and released it as a full album. It was meant to help launch new Shady Records artists Stat Quo, Ca$his, and Bobby Creekwater.

Eminem is featured on Akon's single "Smack That" which appeared on Akon's new album Konvicted. He also appears in the video with a new tattoo and a green polo. According to Akon, Eminem has canceled his retirement plans and is making a new album. He said:
“ Eminem told me he was getting bored with everything, which is why he took a break. But he's back working on an album and I've got some records ready for him to use on it. We've talked about doing something together for so long, but our schedules made it impossible. It was our chemistry that got him out of retirement. ”

On November 19, "Smack That" topped the Official UK Singles Chart and claimed Eminem his 7th UK Number One Single. In December 2006, it was nominated for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards.

Producer Swizz Beatz has also said in an interview that he has sent some new tracks to Eminem. According to 50 Cent, Eminem is secretly recording a new album. He said:
“ He's got a new album coming. He's not gonna tell people that, but he's making new music. I've heard a few songs, and it's hot. He won't tell nobody he's working on a new album, but I'll tell you: he's working on new music. And once he locks into it, like, 'This is my favorite shit,' it's gonna come out. ”

When asked if the new material is angry or wacky, Jackson replies,
“ Both. The whole range. You know, Michael Jordan was supposed to play basketball. Floyd Mayweather was meant to box. And Eminem was meant to rap. ”


Acting career

Mathers made his Hollywood acting debut with the semi-autobiographical 8 Mile, released in November 2002. He has said the movie is not an account of his life, but a representation of growing up in Detroit. He recorded several new songs for the soundtrack, including "Lose Yourself", which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song; it was not performed at the ceremony, reportedly because ABC wanted him to perform an edited version. Mathers voiced a character in 50 Cent: Bulletproof, who is an aging corrupt police officer that speaks in Ebonics. He has also done some voice acting, both on Crank Yankers and a web cartoon called The Slim Shady Show, which has since been pulled off-line and is instead sold on DVD. Eminem will star in the upcoming film Have Gun - Will Travel in which he will play a bounty hunter called Paladin. He will also be involved in either the soundtrack or scoring. He has also stated a movie production company called “Interscope/Shady/Aftermath Films” with Dr. Dre. The company has worked on 50 Cent's debut movie Get Rich or Die Tryin' and will work on Eminem's next movie Have Gun — Will Travel.

Shady Records

As Mathers succeeded in multi-platinum record sales, Interscope granted him his own record label. He and his manager Paul Rosenberg created Shady Records in late 2000. In 2002, Mathers signed 50 Cent through a joint venture between Shady and Dr. Dre's Aftermath label. His own Detroit collective D12 and rapper Obie Trice were signed to the Shady Records label. In 2003, Mathers and Dr. Dre signed on Atlanta rapper Stat Quo to the Shady/Aftermath roster. DJ Green Lantern, the former DJ for Mathers, was signed to Shady Records until a dispute with 50 Cent forced him to depart from the label; he is no longer associated with Mathers. The Alchemist is now officially Mathers' tour DJ. In 2005, Mathers officially signed another Atlanta rapper known as Bobby Creekwater to his label along with west coast rapper Ca$his.

In the Anger Management Tour of 2003 The Alchemist hurt his wrist, preventing him from being the tour's DJ. Clinton Sparks filled in for him, with the rectom playing and his name is mentioned on the album numerous times.

Eminem as a producer

See also: List of songs Produced by Eminem

Mathers is also active as a producer of rap records. Besides being the executive producer of D12's two albums, Devil's Night and D12 World, he has also executive produced Obie Trice's Cheers and Second Round's on Me as well as 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. In addition, Mathers has produced and appeared on several songs by other famous rappers, such as Jadakiss' "Welcome To D-Block", Jay-Z's "Renagade" and "Moment of Clarity" Lloyd Banks' "Warrior Part 2", and "Hands Up", Tony Yayo's "Drama Setter", Trick Trick's "Welcome 2 Detroit", and Xzibit's "My Name" and "Don't Approach Me". Most of The Eminem Show was produced by Mathers himself, with co-production from longtime collaborator Jeff Bass. He also split the production with Dr. Dre on Encore. In 2004, Mathers was the Executive Producer of 2Pac's posthumous album Loyal to the Game with 2Pac's mother Afeni Shakur. He produced the UK #1 single "Ghetto Gospel" which featured Elton John. On certain tracks on the album, 2Pac's voice was slowed down and digitally altered to match the beat and make him say things like "2005" and "G-Unit", angering many fans. Mathers has named 2Pac as his favorite rapper. He has also produced "The Cross" off Nas's album God's Son. On August 15, 2006, Obie Trice released Second Round's on Me. Eminem produced 8 tracks on the album. He was also featured in the song "There They Go".


Alleged homophobia

With the enormous popularity of The Marshall Mathers LP, the controversy surrounding him grew even larger, especially when it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Though Mathers had always claimed that his lyrics were not meant to be taken seriously, and that he had nothing against homosexuals or women, the gay rights group GLAAD organized a boycott of the Grammys. Mathers responded to this by rapping "Stan" on-stage with openly gay singer Elton John, ending the performance by hugging John. This gesture failed to appease many of his critics. He said he did not know Elton John was gay, but he told Kurt Loder after the awards show that he respected him: "Of course I'd heard of Elton John," Eminem said, "but I didn't know he was gay. I didn't know anything about his personal life. I didn't really care, but being that he was gay and he had my back, I think it made a statement in itself saying that he understood where I was coming from." He had also included it on his Curtain Call: The Hits compilation album. Eminem is known to be featuring on a future album release by Elton John.

Violence towards women

The two 'eye-opening' songs most often cited as examples in The Marshall Mathers LP of Mathers' supposed misogyny were "Kill You", and "Kim." Critics claimed the former portrayed extremely violent abuse against women in general and contained a line about him raping his own mother. The latter is not so much a song as it is a reenactment of a fictional fight between him and his wife, although his shouted, hoarse lines do rhyme. Despite his conflicting expressions of love and hate throughout the track, he ends up slitting Kim's throat at the end, accompanied by cries of "Bleed, bitch, bleed!" Several people objected to the graphic description of domestic violence. On the clean version of the CD, the track was removed and replaced with a song almost entirely devoid of profanity called "The Kids."

Since Mathers' rapid ascent to fame, tell-all biographies of varying quality have been published, including Shady Bizzness by his former bodyguard Byron Williams. Mathers himself has written a book called Angry Blonde, released in 2000, where he reveals the emotions and intent behind the lyrics in the Marshall Mathers LP and "Slim Shady LP", and describes his passion for and approach to rapping.

As one of the members of the rap group D12, Mathers appeared on the album Devil's Night, released in 2001 and launching his own Shady Records imprint. The album was certified multi-platinum. The album contained the single "Purple Pills", renamed "Purple Hills" for radio play. Another song, "Blow My Buzz", was on the soundtrack for the Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg film The Wash (2001), in which Mathers had a cameo appearance.

Criticism from other artists

Eminem's provocative style has resulted in a number of high-profile feuds erupting between the rapper and some of his music industry peers. He has at one time or another had disputes with artists including Ja Rule, former Source magazine co-owner Raymond "Benzino" Scott, Everlast, Royce Da 5'9", Canibus, Insane Clown Posse, Vanilla Ice, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Limp Bizkit (specifically members Fred Durst and DJ Lethal), Jermaine Dupri, Moby, Esham, Cage, Stan, Fat Joe, Christina Aguilera, as well as Christopher Reeve.

In all of these disputes Eminem and other have more-or-less made peace. He has used his many connections within the music industry, especially with mixtape DJs, to release many unofficial diss tracks. His partnership with DJ Green Lantern, while it lasted, led to several mixtapes entitled The Invasion. On these mixtapes there were many songs unrelated to the animosity between Eminem and his labelmates and other artists, though the majority of the songs could easily be called diss tracks. The harshest of these was the second, called Conspiracy Theory. It had several songs by Eminem attacking a range of artists, particularly Ja Rule and Benzino, including "Bump Heads," "Doe Ray Me," and a remix of the Tupac (2Pac) song "Hail Mary" (with no contribution from the original artist).

In acceptance of his Grammy for Best Rap Album (for The Eminem Show) in 2003, he credited his rap influences, saying, "I made me a little list of MCs that I wanted to name off that inspired me to, to bring me where I am today - cause honestly, I wouldn't be here without them. So the list goes like this, and it's not in this order, but the list is this: Run-D.M.C., the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Kool G. Rap, Masta Ace, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Dr. Dre, all of N.W.A., KRS-One, Treach from Naughty by Nature, Nas, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z. Thank you, 'cause I learned from all of you. Thank you."

Eminem's "Mosh" marked the end of the long feud between Moby and Eminem; when Moby complimented both the song and Eminem for his politically charged song on his blog. Eminem has not attacked or criticized Moby since.

Chuck D of Public Enemy has shared both positive and negative critique of Eminem having called him the "new" Elvis Presley.:"Eminem is the new Elvis Presley because, number one, he has the respect for black music that Elvis had. I think he's courteous and sympathetic to music and, unfortunately, he's more sympathetic to music than many artists themselves."

In 2003, "Weird Al" Yankovic was denied permission to make a video for "Couch Potato", his parody of Eminem's "Lose Yourself"
“ Last year, Eminem forced me to halt production on the video for my 'Lose Yourself' parody because he somehow thought that it would be harmful to his image or career. ”

For the Poodle Hat Al TV special, Yankovic raised the question of artistic expression in a false interview with Eminem. As Yankovic has always done for his Al TV specials, he edited the footage of a previous Eminem interview and inserted himself asking questions such that it unmasked Eminem as a hypocrite on the matter of an artist's right to free speech.

Criticism of George W. Bush

On December 8, 2003, the United States Secret Service admitted it was "looking into" allegations that Mathers had threatened the President of the United States after the unreleased song "We As Americans" leaked onto the Web. The lyrics in question: "Fuck money / I don't rap for dead presidents / I'd rather see the president dead / It's never been said, but I set precedents...". The song was being recorded to possibly be on Encore, but wound up on a bonus CD accompanying the album instead. The second use of the word "dead" was backmasked in that version. The word was also used in Immortal Technique's song "Bin Laden", stated near the end. Immortal Technique also attacks the president on the song. His song "White America" from the The Eminem Show album states a long anti-American speech: "sent to lead the march right up to the steps of congress, and piss on the lawns of the White House, to burn the flag and replace it with a parental advisory sticker, to spit liquor in the faces of in this democracy of hypocrisy, fuck you Ms. Cheney, fuck you Tipper Gore, fuck you with the freest of speech this divided states of embarrassment will allow me to have, FUCK YOU!". "White America" also brought the U.S. Secret Service attention at first, but gave up after seeing a statement from Eminem after the song: "*laughs* I'm just playing America, you know I love you".

On October 26, 2004, a week before the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, Eminem released the video for his song titled "Mosh" on the internet. The song features a very strong anti-Bush message, with lyrics such as "fuck Bush" and "this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president." The video features Mathers gathering up an army of people (including rapper Lloyd Banks) presented as victims of the Bush administration and leading them to the White House. However, once the army breaks in, it is revealed that they are there to simply register to vote, and the video ends with the words "VOTE Tuesday November 2" on the screen.

After Bush won the election, the video's ending was changed to Eminem and the protesters invading while Bush was giving a speech.

Michael Jackson

On October 12, 2004, a week after the release of "Just Lose It", Eminem's first single off Encore, Michael Jackson called into the Los Angeles-based Steve Harvey radio show to report his displeasure with the video, which parodies Jackson's child molestation trial, plastic surgery, and an incident in which Jackson's hair caught on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984. The lyrics to "Just Lose It" also refer to Jackson's legal troubles, however he does state in his song "...and that's not a stab at Michael/Thats just a metaphor/I'm just psycho...". Many of Jackson's supporters and friends spoke out about the video, including Stevie Wonder, who called the video "kicking a man while he's down" and "bullshit". and Steve Harvey who declared, "Eminem has lost his ghetto pass. We want the pass back."

Regarding Jackson's protest, Yankovic, who parodied the Eminem song "Lose Yourself" on a track titled "Couch Potato" on his 2003 album Poodle Hat, told the Chicago Sun-Times, "Last year, Eminem forced me to halt production on the video for my "Lose Yourself" parody because he somehow thought that it would be harmful to his image or career. So the irony of this situation with Michael is not lost on me"

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